Woven reinforced rubber sheathed flexible cable for metal shield monitoring of shuttle car in coal mine

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1. Product executive standard

Enterprise standards.

2. Product application scope

It is applicable to the power connection of shuttle car, anchor bolt machine and similar equipment with rated voltage of 0.66/1.14kv and below.

3. Product use characteristics

3.1. Rated voltage: 0.66/1.14kv.

3.2. The maximum allowable working temperature of conductor is 90 ℃, and the maximum temperature of conductor in case of short circuit (the short circuit time shall not exceed 5S) is 250 ℃.

3.3. The minimum bending radius of cable is 6 times of cable diameter.

3.4. The normal applicable ambient temperature of the cable is - 25 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃.

3.5. The flame retardant performance of the cable shall meet the requirements of flame retardant performance in MT 818-2009.

3.6 power frequency withstand voltage of cable: 3.7kv/5min, no breakdown.

4. Main technical indexes of cable

4.1. Conductor structure: tinned copper, conforming to the 5th soft copper conductor of GB / T 3956.

4.2. Insulating material: the power core and auxiliary core are made of EPDM based insulating rubber, which shall meet the requirements of xj-30a type in GB 7594.8, but the tensile strength shall not be less than 6.5 MPa.

4.3. Core identification: main core: red, white, blue, auxiliary core: black.

4.4. Sheath: the sheath rubber or other materials with similar performance using neoprene as the base material shall meet the requirements of xh-03a in GB / T 7594.7, and the tear strength shall not be less than 5.0n/mm.

Model Voltage Specifications Reference OD Reference weight
MSCPTJB  0.66/1.14KV 3*16+1*10+1*10 32.5 1801
MSCPTJB  0.66/1.14KV 3*16+1*10+1*16 32.5 1846

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