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Customer satisfaction is our only goal


Pre-sale service

Warmly receive users' calls, letters, faxes and other inquiries.
At the stage of user selection, we welcome users to visit our company. We are willing to provide technical information about our products, and provide various technical advice and answer users' questions in time. If necessary, the company will help users who are not familiar with the products to choose the most appropriate products, the correct specifications, models.
If the user requests, our company will help the user to train the cable knowledge in the company headquarters for free.

Sale service

 After the contract is signed, the user is welcome to send someone to the company to supervise the production. The company will make timely improvement to the reasonable opinions on cable manufacturing quality put forward by users' accredited staff, and actively cooperate with users' accredited staff to provide convenience for work and life.  

Organize production in strict accordance with the contract technical requirements and relevant national standards, ensure quality and quantity, and deliver the goods at the agreed place on time.  
Ex-factory inspection. The company shall notify the user to send people for joint inspection according to the requirements of the user before the product leaves the factory. The company will provide the convenience for the user to send people for life and work.  
Before the products are shipped, the company will notify the user and provide the user with the product quality assurance and delivery notes.  
 When the goods are dispatched, the company undertakes to transport them. If the package is damaged or the cable is damaged due to the supplier's transportation, the company will send someone to deal with it in time until the customer is satisfied.  
 When the cable is shipped to the customer, the company will send a person to participate in the acceptance inspection if the customer requests. 
<p>If the user requires, our company will provide free training on cable laying, use, maintenance and other knowledge to the user, and guide the user to correct construction on site. 
 If the customer needs to provide the goods due to the wrong type selection, insufficient order quantity or special circumstances, our company will be urgent to the customer, special circumstances special treatment, priority to arrange production, try our best to meet the customer's requirements. 


After-sales service

The company implements the system of after-sales service in place within 24 hours, that is, we guarantee to reply within 24 hours after receiving the notice of customer's need to provide after-sales service. If someone needs to deal with it, the company will immediately send someone to the site for service.

(within the quality guarantee period of 12 months from the date of delivery) of the quality problem of the existence or occurrence, confirmed by the both sides, it is our responsibility, the company responsible for free to properly handle or exchange, return, and promised service in place, in the general case 6 days within three days of emergency services in place, reasonable expenses shall be borne by our company. Our company is responsible for three guarantees: "guaranteed repair" "guaranteed return" "guaranteed satisfaction".

Our company will also actively assist to solve the quality problem caused by the user's responsibility confirmed by both parties, and strive to meet the user's requirements.

If the products ordered by the user exceed the actual needs or the original ordered products cannot be used due to design changes, our company will actively cooperate with the user to deal with the aftermath to reduce the burden of the user.

In the process of installation and use, if the user needs to provide technical guidance, our company will timely send professional technicians to provide free services to meet the user's requirements.

If the customer's project is finished and the cable is not completed, according to the customer's request, the company can help to deal with it.


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