Buried cables for airfield lighting circuit

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1. Product executive standard

MH/T 6049-2008。

2. Product application scope

Buried cable for airfield lighting circuit.

3. Product use characteristics

3.1. Rated voltage: 5kV.

3.2. The maximum allowable working temperature of conductor is 90 ℃, and the maximum temperature of conductor in case of short circuit (the short circuit time shall not exceed 5S) is 250 ℃.

3.3. Ambient temperature of cable installation: - Ge; 0 ℃; ambient temperature of cable use: - 25 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃.

3.4. Minimum bending radius of cable installation: 12D.

4. Main technical indexes of cable

4.1. Conductor structure: bare copper, conforming to the second type of stranded conductor in GB / T 3956.

4.2. Conductor shielding, insulation and insulation shielding adopt the fully enclosed chemical crosslinking three-layer coextrusion process, and the material performance meets the relevant requirements of MH / T 6049.

4.3. Shielding material: copper tape, meeting the relevant requirements of MH / T 6049.

4.4. Sheath material: polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride hydrocarbon, in accordance with the relevant requirements of MH / T 6049.

Model Voltage Specifications Reference OD Reference weight
DYJY 5kV 1×6 15.3mm 273kg/km
DYJV 5kV 1×6 15.3mm 309kg/km

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