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Analysis on the overall planning and development prospect of China's UHV industry in 2017
China's UHV has gone through the "1253 horizontal, vertical and one ring" plan, the "four cross and five direct" plan for air pollution prevention and control, and the "1355 cross and eight direct" plan. According to the State Grid news, Shu Yinbiao stressed that in terms of power grid development, he proposed to approve the "West vertical" and "middle vertical" projects as soon as possible, and include the key projects of UHV main grid construction in North China, East China and central China into the "13th five year" power planning; In the first half of the year, the fourth UHVDC transmission from northern Shaanxi to Hubei and Sichuan was approved, and the schemes of Baihetan Hydropower, the upper reaches of Jinsha River and Qinghai clean energy transmission were identified as early as possible. China's relatively clear phased power grid planning highlights the overall planning effect and efficiency.
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